Let the ASINUS do the lifting!

  • Zwei Mäner transportieren eine Arbeitsplatte auf einem ASINUS 350

The benefits at one glance

Less effort

350 kg are a lot. The ASINUS lifts granite kitchen tops with it’s electric motor on furniture height (114 cm).

Ein Mann transportiert eine Steinplatte mit einem ASINUS 350 über eine Schwelle

Increased safety

By electric lifting and stable transporting the backs of the installation team will be saved from damage – as well as the kitchen tops of course.

Cost savings

Together with the ASINUS you need only two people on site to install kitchen tops. This is what makes the ASINUS so valuable.


Service for your asinus 350

If your asinus 350 is already somewhat older, it makes sense to perform a general overhaul in addition to regular maintenance to ensure the operational safety of the trolley. Contact us and we will arrange a pickup date. The trolley will then be completely overhauled at our facility and will receive a current inspection stamp.

Our customers say

  • A perfect system for the transport of granite kitchen tops. Safe, simple, ingenious!

    Herr Schmidt, Klinik Bau, about the ASINELLO 500
  • We work mainly with material of 4 cm. Since we use the ASINUS and ASINUS accessories the handling and installing of the kitchen tops has become so much easier and safer. Even though we don’t use it on a daily basis, we wouldn’t want to miss it.

    Christian Bach, Bach Natursteine, Wiesbaden about the ASINUS 350
  • The best machine, when you install kitchen tops!

    Jan Erik Thorn, Thorns Stenhuggeri, Bengstfors, Sweden about the ASINUS 350
  • I’ve tried many different things but nothing matches the ASINUS.

    Maier Granit, Cham about the ASINUS 350
  • We are very pleased with the Equipment. We use it daily!

    Avon Marble, Großbritannien about the ASINUS 350
  • No more ordeal when installing work tops!

    Herr Hartmann, Meyer GmbH, Leese about the ASINUS 350
  • My spine says: Thank You!

    Steinmetz Kraus, Breitscheid-Erbach about the ASINUS 350
  • Light and simple!

    Stone Trade, Winterthur / Switzerland about the ASINUS 350
  • It is one of our most valuable install tools & is used daily. Excellent quality as it works as well as when we bought it back in 2007

    Thomas Lavin, President Lavin Tile & Stone, Inc. USA about the ASINUS 350
  • Thank you for inventing the ASINUS. Everyone loves it!

    Lardi sa, Genf / Switzerland about the ASINUS 350
  • A must have in the stone industry. Made by professionals for professionals.

    Scan Granitt AS, Sandefjord / Norway about the ASINUS 350