The ASINUS company

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A family enterprise

Where is ASINUS located?

We are from Markdorf, a little town near Lake of Constance in the very south of Germany. The area is well-known for high class wine, lovely landscape and innovative technology.

Who is ASINUS?

Rolf Wiggenhauser (Master Stonemason) is the companies chief developer and invetor of the ASINUS. He gets his motivation and ideas for new transport systems in his own granite worktops company.

Bernd Wiggenhauser (M. Sc. Engineering), is responsible for the technical calculation, realization and production. He also works in his own engineering company

Julia Valter is the company’s general manager, responsible for marketing and design as well as distribution. In her graphic design bureau she creates and realizes ideas and concepts for corporate design, books and web design.

Why a donkey?

The donkey asinus equus is our favourite animal, since it is highly intelligent and a very diligent worker. He carries heavy loads without complaint and is a faithful companion.