Demo videos

How to install with the ASINUS 350

How to use the ASINUS 350: install a kitchen top with 326 kg with only to men on site!

asinello 500 with mounting rollers

Installation of a kitchen top without electric lifitng motor: with the ASINELLO 500 plus threemounting rollers!

Installation in 4:40

A granite kitchen top is being installed with the ASINUS 350. The film is uncut and shows a regular work process using the ASINUS 350. Performers: a van, two workers, a-frames for the van, an ASINUS 350, two mounting rollers.
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Mounting roller

The mounting rollers make the installation of kitchen tops easier and more secure.

Mounting Roller

Installing heavy islands made simple.

asinello 500

Small, lightweight, versatile and very easy to handle. The ASINELLO helps you transporting and installing work tops.

asinello 300

ASINELLO 300, a small and very sturdy transport trolley for slabs with up to 300 kg.

asinello 300

Watch how to install a kitchen top with ASINELLO and mounting rollers.


Stabilizer to secure cut outs in kitchen tops. Easy to handle due to quick clamps.